wildfly10 list of security domain’s

By Dave

I am trying to debug a wildfly 10 security issue

I have defined a role and and a security domain, I have debuging set at level ALL for org.jboss.security I can see my security role defined, yet my login authentication form fails. I see no messages or diagnostics on the subject.
I have looked at the management console and can not find my role defined any where.

What I would like to know how to do is

  1. Ask Wildfly which security roles/domains do you know about?

  2. For a given war file, which security roles/domains apply to this archive ?

  3. When Wildfly is processing a form authentication directive how can I get Wildfly to say when processing form foo , which has the role bar associated with it, the user could only supply the role XYZZY ?

Source: Stack Overflow


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