Using Amazon-Alexa Voice service to control my android based device

By Danish Bin Sofwan


Let me start with the desired basic flow that I wish to implement. I have an android based smart device that is capable of providing streamed content. Currently I am using a remote to switch contents example songs , videos , channels e.t.c. What I actually want is to use Alexa voice service to voice control the device in the exact same way I do using a remote.

Use Case Scenario :

A use case can be for example : I initiate my skill by saying “Alexa open my custom skill” & further ask it to play a video named “XYZ” and the desired video plays back.


Technically I am aiming to implement it this way :

  1. From the client side, user initiates the custom skill and sends a
    directive using the Alexa App for example “Play Channel ‘ABC’ “

  2. The AWS Alexa Cloud receives an intent for this in my skill service
    & sends this request to AWS Lembda function (where my business logic

  3. The received intent is now forwarded from Lembda function to one of
    my web servers using an API call

  4. The API fetches the CDN link to the channel & returns it to the
    Lembda function.

  5. The Lembda function finally returns this CDN link to the client and
    the corresponding content starts playing. Hence returning a textual
    response instead of streamed audio.

Is it possible to implement this keeping in mind the features AVS is providing ? I would be grateful if someone could guide me & get me on the right path. Thanks in advance !

Source: Stack Overflow


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