Twitter API: How can I know the exactly hour a tweet was created?

By Noel Broda

I’m dealing with the Twitter API.

I need to know the hour exactly when the tweet was created. Meaning, the real locate hour where that guy was stand.

For example: If I create a tweet at 5PM Argentina Hour, I want to get “5PM” in the Twitter api.

The problem, is that the Twitter API always return the UTC hour, meaning, it’s always “+0000”.
If I you don’t know that I was in Argentina (-0300) in the moment I created the Tweet, you can’t know that I tweeted at 5PM.

Absolutely all tweets are like this: Sun May 14 02:43:02 +0000 2017.
All of those numbers always change (Day, Month, Day number, hour, minutes, seconds, year) BUT the +0000 never change.

For example, If my tweet (at 5PM) should be like: Sun May 14 17:00:00 -0300 2017 (because I’m in Argentina at 5PM: 17PM). But the API say: “Sun May 14 20:00:00 +0000 2017”. (17 + 3).

I can’t know where the tweet come from (because 99,9999% of the users has no GeoLocation enabled).

What can you say?

Source: Stack Overflow


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