SMT Shorts: Neil Capel on Big Data and Keeping the Customer [VIDEO]

By Carianne King Here’s our latest installment of SMT Shorts, a series that addresses your social media and marketing questions with concise, expert answers. This week, Neil Capel, CEO and Founder, Sailthru, discussed how to keep the customer after you get ’em, whether consistency across channels matters, and the first steps you should take if you’re scared of Big Data. Thanks to Neil for lending his expertise! Subscribe to our YouTube page to keep yourself up to date with not only our SMT Shorts, but other great video content as well.First question: “Everyone talks about getting the customer, but how do you keep the customer?” Second: “Is it best to tailor your voice to each channel, or make sure your voice is consistent across channels?”And last, the Big Data question: “I’m scared of big data, but everyone says I need to catch on. What’s the best way to approach it for a newbie social marketer?” Thanks for watching. And stay tuned for more SMT Shorts with our experts! …read more

Source: Social Media Today


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