Reading Computer information from OMS Alert raised

By ashwar hussain

We have configured our OMS to monitor 3 computers (Comp1, Comp2 and Comp3). We have also created several alerts for example “Type=Perf (ObjectName=LogicalDisk AND CounterName=”Free Megabytes” AND InstanceName=”C:” AND CounterValue=100) OR (ObjectName=LogicalDisk AND CounterName=”% Free Space” AND InstanceName=”C:” AND CounterValue=5)” to run every 24 hours.

OMS is raising Alerts based on the condition which is fine.

On the other side of our solution we are reading all the Alerts raised using a C# code for some analysis. The query that we are using in C# code is ‘query’:’Type=Alert’.

As a result of this query in C# code we are getting all the information related to alerts BUT we are not getting the information like this alert is raised for which computer (Comp1/Comp2/Comp3). We would need this information. Any idea on how this can be achieved?

Source: Stack Overflow


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