NSCFString 0x2749a0 valueForUndefinedKey this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key push_type

By vky

My Json

aps =     {
    alert =         {
        body = "This is a testing message !!!";
        title = Notification;
data = "{"push_type":6,"badge":1,"alert":"This is a testing message !!!","sound":"default","content-available":"1","is_login":2}";
"gcm.message_id" = "0:1494478903994917%6c350cc06c350cc0"; }

I want to get push_type like here it is 6.

My code is:

NSDictionary *data=[[userInfo valueForKey:@"data"] valueForKey:@"push_type"]];

After run this line an error occur push_type is not key value coding complaints…

Could you please help me where i am wrong,or how can i achieve this,please refer me an example,link thanks!

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