No implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer only happening sometimes

By Avin A Good-time Chadee

Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong!?

   if response[:result]
      response[:credentials].each do |cred|
        AntHQ.logger.debug "==> #{cred}"
        c = app_instance.credentials.find_by(name: cred[:name])
        if c && cred[:value]
          c.value = cred[:value]
          c.expiry = cred[:expiry]


TypeError: no implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer1
File "/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.1.0/bundler/gems/ant_light_tasks-01095a3ea065/lib/ant_light_tasks/app/update_credentials.rb" line 16 in []

Line 16:

 c.value = cred[:value]

Example “response”:

{:result=>true, :credentials=>[{:name=>"access_token", :value=>"...", :expiry=>"..."}]}

Source: Stack Overflow


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