LotusScript – How to select multiple values in multi-select ListBox programmatically

By Alexey Shabramov

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I am trying to select values in my ListBox using LotusScript.
My code looks like this:

Forall role In docByUi.rolesList
        If entity.getRoles <> "" Then
            If Instr(1, entity.getRoles,role,5) Then
                resultRoles = resultRoles & role
                resultRoles = resultRoles + Chr$(13) + Chr$(10)
            End If
        End If
    End Forall
    Call uiDoc.FieldSetText("rolesList", resultRoles)
    Call uiDoc.Refresh

My list box has two items (and it will be more of them in future):


1. How to select ListBox items using LotusScript?

2. How can I choose which item to select, if the items count is more than two e.t.c.?

3. Can you please give some small example of this or any advise…

Thank you!

Source: Stack Overflow


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