How to self-reference ES6 class instance (this in ES5)

By gattermeier

My problem: I am instantiating a class (here named ExternalClass) inside a different class (named SomeClass below). The tricky part is that ExternalClass expect a reference to the class object it has been called from: the SomeClass instance. In ES5 I would just pass ‘this’, which doesn’t work in ES6 (transpiled with babel).

class ExternalClass {
  constructor(someClassInstance, variable) {
    this.someClassInstance = someClassInstance;
    this.variable = variable;
class SomeClass {
  constructor() {
  doSomething() {
    let test = new ExternalClass(this, variable) // this is undefined

How can I pass the SomeClass instance to ExternalClass from doSomething() inside SomeClass?

Source: Stack Overflow


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