How to post a radio value

By Jamen

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I want to put information retrieved from mysql to the radio value and then post to another site.

like the figure above, if i put Sydney in the textfield and hit search, a table of all information about sydney will then be displayed, as figure shown below.

and when i select one of the radio button and hit make a booking, i want to have the Route_No on the row that i selected, which is where im stuck in.

This is my code related to it:

             if (mysqli_num_rows($result) > 0 )
               print "<table border='1', cellspacing = '20px'>";
               print"<th> Route No. </th>";
               print"<th> From </th>";
               print"<th> To </th>";
               print"<th> Price </th>";
               print" <th> Select One </th>";
                 while ( $a_row = $result->fetch_row()){
                        print "<tr>n>";
                         foreach ($a_row as $field){
                           print "t<td>$field</td>n";
               print "<td><input type='radio' name='check1' id='check1'
               value=$field></td> </tr>";
           print "</table>";

if I set the value of the radio button = $field, I would get the Price on the row that I selected, but the price is not unique, what I want is the Route No, what can I do to get that value?

cheers in advance

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