How specify a parameter in a FORMAT control-string on Common Lisp as variable?

By Manoel Machado

What I can done:

CL-USER> (format nil "~10:<foobar~>")
"    foobar"

But I want pass 10 as parameter like:

CL-USER> (format nil "~d:<foobar~>" 10) ;; but throws error
"    foobar"

Exists any way to do that? Because I don’t wants do that:

CL-USER> (format nil (format nil "~~~d:<foobar~~>" 10))
"    foobar"

In Python or C is possible passing variable parameters to control-string using *, like this:

print("%*s" % (10, "foobar"))

I wants just the same in Common Lisp format. Thanks in advance.

Source: Stack Overflow


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