Gulp default task unable to compress after copy

By uioporqwerty

At first I thought this was related to dependency of tasks so I went with run-sequence and even tried defining dependencies within tasks themselves. But I cannot get the compress task to run after copy. Or, even if it says it did finish the compress task, the compression only works if I run compress in the task runner inside visual studio by itself. What else can I try to get it to compress after copy?

/// <binding BeforeBuild='default' />
This file is the main entry point for defining Gulp tasks and using Gulp plugins.
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var gulp = require("gulp");
var debug = require("gulp-debug");
var del = require("del");
var uglify = require("gulp-uglify");
var pump = require("pump");
var runSequence = require("run-sequence");
var paths = {
    bower: "./bower_components/",
    lib: "./Lib/"
var modules = {
    "store-js": ["store-js/dist/store.legacy.js"],
    "bootstrap-select": [
gulp.task("default", function (cb) {
    runSequence("clean", ["copy", "compress"], cb);
    function () {
        return del.sync(["Lib/**", "!Lib", "!Lib/"]);
    function (cb) {
            gulp.src(paths.lib + "**/*.js"),
        ], cb);
    function (cb) {
function prefixPathToModules() {
    for (var moduleIndex in modules) {
        for (var fileIndex in modules[moduleIndex]) {
            modules[moduleIndex][fileIndex] = paths.bower + modules[moduleIndex][fileIndex];
function copyModules() {
    for (var files in modules) {
        gulp.src(modules[files], { base: paths.bower })

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