Grails 2.5.5 controller unit test cannot cast object error

By Doug Palmer

I’ve been trying to set up a unit test for a controller. However, any attempt to access the controller property causes the following error:

org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object 'class' with class 'java.lang.Class' to class ''

Here’s the code that I’ve been using:

import grails.test.mixin.Mock
import grails.test.mixin.TestFor
import spock.lang.Specification
@Mock([Contact, CollectoryAuthService])
class ContactControllerTests extends Specification {
    def contact
    def setup() {
        contact = new Contact(
            title: "Dr",
            firstName: "Lemmy",
            lastName: "Caution",
            phone: "0262465909",
            mobile: "0419468551",
            email: "",
            notes: "to be treated with exaggerated respect",
            publish: true,
            userLastModified: 'test')
    def testList() {
        when:, failOnError: true)
        request.contentType = JSON_CONTENT_TYPE
        model.contactInstanceList.size() == 1
        model.contactInstanceList[0].title == 'Dr'

I’ve tried various combinations of code placement and mocking, all to no avail. Any explanation as to why I would be getting this error would be most appreciated.

Source: Stack Overflow


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