Export csv file from array

By Ankit Doshi

I am using below code for export multidimensional array.
I have below problems with my code so any one please look at it or help me out.
I am using codeigniter framework(2.1.0 Version)

Problems :

  1. I have no any double quotes/single quotes in array but in csv file some fields have doble quotes.

  2. Each and every csv file give me first two line blanks then contents i can see


function array_to_csv($array, $download = "")
        if ($download != "")
            header('Content-Type: text/csv');
            header('Content-Disposition: attachement; filename="' . $download . '"');
            header("Pragma: no-cache");
            header("Expires: 0");
        $f = fopen('php://output', 'w') or show_error("Can't open php://output");
        $n = 0;
        foreach ($array as $line)
        $line = str_replace('"', '', $line); //Try to resolve first problem but it doesn't work for me.
            if ( ! fputcsv($f, $line))
                show_error("Can't write line $n: $line");
        fclose($f) or show_error("Can't close php://output");
        $str = ob_get_contents();
        if ($download == "")
            return $str;
            echo $str;

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