Doors Are Open for Certification (and Other Fun Things)

By Sonia Simone

Doors Are Open for Certification (and Other Fun Things)

Remember all the conversations we’ve been having about the Certified Content Marketer program?

Well, the doors are open — and they’re going to be closing again on Monday, June 12. If you’d like to be featured on our list of recommended writers (and get our most advanced content strategy course), this is how you do it.

You can sign up (or learn more) at the link below — and of course, our usual no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantee applies if it’s not a perfect fit for you.

Program Details for Copyblogger’s Content Marketer Certification

Note: If you’re a member of our Authority community, make sure you’re signed in when you click the link — as an Authority member, you get special pricing. :-)

On Monday, I shared our June content and productivity prompts. Each month this year, we’re focusing on two prompts as a community, improving our creative output and our ability to get stuff done.

This month we’re practicing outreach (finding new contacts, clients, or customers) and getting the help of an imaginary friend when it’s time to do the hard stuff.

On Tuesday, Stefanie offered three hands-on ways to improve your content at the most fundamental level. Inconceivable.

And on Wednesday, I gave a quick back-of-the-envelope explanation of what the Certification program is and who it’s for. If you’re commitment-phobic, you can read that before you go to the page with all the details.

On Copyblogger FM, I shared Brian Clark’s four-step process for developing a compelling marketing idea. Because inspiration is fantastic … but even the most inspired idea can be shaped into something better.

That’s it for this week — have a great weekend! And remember — if you want to join our list of recommended writers, Certification closes on Monday.

— Sonia Simone

Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital

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