Create php function automate code lines

By Kamikaze

guys, I currently use the following code to run a query pdo. Note that I type “SELECT * FROM PRINTERS”. But how do I create a function where I put my querys and just call them via function. It does not have to be the result, it would just be the query itself.


        function db_connect()
     $PDO = new PDO('mysql:host=' . DB_HOST . ';dbname=' . DB_NAME .     ';charset=utf8', DB_USER, DB_PASS);
   return $PDO;
    function make_hash($str)
  return sha1(md5($str));
    // verica se está logado
  * Verifica se o usuário está logado
     function isLoggedIn()
 if (!isset($_SESSION['logged_in']) || $_SESSION['logged_in'] !== true)
    return false;
return true;

index.php ( where i run querys )


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