Change parent Viegroup for WebView

By P. Ilyin

I have a screen with two framelayouts: FrameLayout FL1 and FrameLayout FL2. FL1 contains a webview. In this webview I display some web-content. This page, for example.
At some moment I need to move a webview from FL1 to FL2. But once I did it, webview is getting completely transparent (or maybe it loose bounds, don’t know).

By the way: if I display some video in my webview and change it’s parent, sound of this video is conitinuing.

After transposing from FL1 to FL2 (also from FL2 to FL1) webview has a correct parent and correct layout params, I checked it out. Both parents has different ids.

What reason of my problem could be?

Source: Stack Overflow


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