Can Identityserver3 act as a Identity Provider with SAML (C#, MVC)?

By PrasadB

I want to implement SSO using C#, SAML

According to what I read on internet,

IdentityServer3 can be act as Service Provider with Kentor Authservice.

(My understanding -> Service Provider will check SAML token and allow user to access resource/website/webpage)

But Can IdentityServer3 act as a IdentityProvider IdP with SAML?

(My understanding -> Identity Provider IdP will authenticate user against database and pass the identity of user in form of SAML token)

Can anybody please tell me whether IdentityServer3 can be act as a Identity Provider with SAML token? If not how can I approach the same? Do I have to create my own Idp and create SAML token?

Please correct me if I am wrong. I am quite new to this.

Any link / help would be appreciated.

P.S. – I am creating new question as my reputation not allowing me to comment on existing question. :(

Source: Stack Overflow


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