C# SQL) additional encryption of connectionstring is needed? if ‘database.secure.windows.net’ is included in connectionstring to Azure SQL database?

By Kay Lee

According to my knowledge, new feature like ‘database.secure.windows.net’ can be included recently in connectionstring to Azure SQL database..

So, I’ve changed the connectionstring of my application as included the ‘secure’ in connectionstring as above and through this I can access to Azure SQL database without any problem as before.

However, I couldn’t have found how this ‘secure.windows.net’ feature help us to protect our Azure SQL database more secure.

Can somebody explain about this in detail also for other people’s comprehensive understanding?

The Architecture of my software is,

WPF (Windows desktop application on users’ computers) – WCF web role(Windows Communication Foundation) on Azure Cloud Service (Here, the connectionstring to Azure SQL database exists)- Azure SQL Server(Azure SQL database).

If we configure our connectionstring with ‘secure.windows.net’, does this mean that the connectionstring will be encrypted automatically when the application(web.config of WCF web role) is deployed(complied) to Azure Cloud Service?

I’m much worried if the connectionstring to Azure SQL database remains as plain text and stolen by bad people and attacked by the exposured connectionstring.

If we configure our connectionstring with ‘secure.windows.net’, is there no need to worry about connectionstring to be exposured?

If still, we have to encrypt our connectionstring after configuring our connectionstring with ‘secure.windows.net’, how can I implement this?

My major is not software-related but just bio-chemistry and I’ve been fighting with this matter almost 1 month…

Your help will be greatly appreciated ! Thank you so much !!!

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