Blank Page after Prepared Statement PHP

By apaul

After I used prepared statements to reduce the risk of SQL injection, the button click makes the page blank. I could not find any errors in my code. What is causing the page to go blank and how can I prevent it from happening?

if(isset($_POST['desc_btn'])) {
                    $code = mysqli_real_escape_string($con, strip_tags($_POST['code_desc']));
                    $desc = mysqli_real_escape_string($con, strip_tags($_POST['description']));
                    $code_select =  $con->prepare("SELECT * FROM data WHERE code=?");
                    $code_select->bind_param("s", $code);
                    $data = $code_select->get_result();
                    $data_user_id = $data['user_id'];
                    $data_id = $data['id'];
                    if($user_id == $data_user_id  ) {
                        $update = $con->prepare("UPDATE data SET description=? WHERE id=?");
                        $update->bind_param('s', $desc, $data_id;

Thanks for your help. I am open to any input.

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