Angular 2: How to open Semantic-UI modal

By Char

The error I got in the console says

Cannot read property ‘onShowConfirmation’

Below is my employee-page.component.html code with the showConfirmation() function call:

 <button class="ui button basic medium" (click)="showConfirmation()">Delete</button>

In my employee.component.ts, here is my showConfirmation() which calls another component since the jQuery for opening of the modal is there

private localDialog: DialogBoxComponent;
showConfirmation() {

In my dialog-box-component.ts, the onShowConfirmation() code is this

onShowConfirmation() {

And lastly, the dialog-box.component.html is this..where the div for the modal is located

<div class="ui small modal">
    <div class="header">Are you sure you want to delete employee?<br/><br/></div>
    <div class="actions">
        <div class="ui button dialog-button" (click)="closeModal()">CANCEL</div>
        <div class="ui button dialog-button" (click)="del()">DELETE</div>

So as a summary, I separated the div of the modal from the button to another component and I want to access the method of dialog-box from employee-page

Source: Stack Overflow


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