Against Attention: The Pre-Thanksgiving Manifesto

By Demian Farnworth

Attention is not a fixed resource. Thank goodness. This means the little guy and gal can rise above the crowded skyline.

Just because Seth Godin has 400 million eyeballs, it doesn’t mean you can’t capture some of those eyeballs, too …

Doesn’t mean you can’t attract some of that interest and loyalty. We all start at the bottom. In obscurity. In the mud. In the dark.

But because of the nature of attention, you too can become a skyscraper. You too could rise out of the dark.

Might not be one of the Manhattan variety. But it’s attention, no less.

Be grateful.

The thing is to not focus on the attention. Focus on the work. The talent you’ve been given.

The best response to this talent is to develop it so that you become the best person with that talent. Don’t worry about the attention it breeds. Just develop the talent.

But that attention is NOT a fixed resource also means it is cheap.

A simple sleight-of-hand today can get you a million eyeballs tomorrow. Next day, darkness again.

Even earned attention is fickle. Those whom you thought loyal get bored, annoyed, or obsessed with something else. Don’t worry. Just focus on the talent, the work …

Because your work is a fixed asset. Like land. And we all know that land naturally rises in value.

Your work will not naturally rise in value, though. It will only increase in value if you invest in your talent.

Remain faithful to that command and in time you will start to earn stock in attention. Rise out of the dark. Like a skyscraper.

Keep in mind that you have no control over how much attention stock you can own. The only thing you have control over is developing your talent.

In the end, be grateful for anything you get. It could be gone tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Image by Matthew Wiebe via Unsplash.

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