7 Common Mistakes Writers Make When Pitching to Editors

By Rainmaker.FM

Do you have pet peeves about human interactions? What types of behavior absolutely drive you nuts?

You could hate when someone doesn’t say “thank you” when you hold a door open for him or become extremely irritated when someone chews gum too loudly.

Editors are humans with pet peeves, as well, so if you’d like an editor to review — and possibly publish — your writing, there are certain actions you should avoid.

In this 32-minute episode of Editor-in-Chief, host Stefanie Flaxman discusses:

  • A common grammar mistake Stefanie recently made
  • 7 common mistakes writers make when emailing editors (and how to fix each mistake)
  • How to tailor your content for a specific publication
  • How to build relationships with editors
  • A bonus tip for ambitious content creators

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