Deleting duplicate for one field – group by and order by

By Mihir

I have daily price of some items stored in a table, for each product ID along with date. I want to delete newer price record if it’s same as previous. Or moving from older to newer, if the next record for that product ID has same price, I want to delete it. My primary key includes all three fields so not much of use here.

This is my table structure.

productID  Price    Rdate
1           210     2015-05-01
2           55      2015-05-01
3           9       2015-05-01
1           211     2015-05-02
2           53      2015-05-02
1           211     2015-05-03

productID – INT (foreign key)


Rdate – DATE

In this example, I want to delete the last record, since the price is same as previous date.

Is it possible to delete it using a single query? Even if I have to loop the query for each ID, it’ll be fine.

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Codeigniter passing dynamic data from controller to view. And Mapping values to controller array variable

By user254153

I want to get the array from controller to views which is dynamic.



 $a = array(array('category_id'=>'3', 'name'=>'car'),array('category_id'=> '5', 'name'=>'bike'));
 $data['category'] = $a;
 foreach($a as $val){
     $data[$val['name']] = $this->home_model->get_product($val['category_id']);

View (main.php)

 foreach($category as $val){
    foreach($val->name as $value){     //undefined variable passedto foreach, But when I var_dump variable are printed in controller but cannot get in views. How to map the value, to value that is passed from controller.


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Rainmaker Rewind: Henry Rollins on Entrepreneurial Art

By Caroline Early

Rainmaker FM rewind

We have a special treat for you on Rainmaker FM this week …

Music legend and entrepreneur Henry Rollins joins Brian Clark on Unemployable to discuss how his career (including his role as frontman of Black Flag) has thrived due to a DIY-producer ethic, why he formed his own publishing company, and how he became a self-made media personality.

There’s a lot of other great content on the network these days, so be sure to check out the rest of the shows highlighted in this week’s edition of Rainmaker Rewind.

  1. Unemployable. Henry Rollins joins Brian Clark for a second time to discuss music, entrepreneurship, and the art of self-promotion: Henry Rollins on Entrepreneurial Art
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And, one more thing …

If you want to get my Rainmaker Rewind picks of the week sent straight to your favorite podcast player, subscribe right here on Rainmaker FM.

See you next week.

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python make_archive adding . file

By Orannis396

I have a python script for creating archives of particular cross-platform builds of a project and i am using the python 2.7 shutil to help make archives of the builds.
The issue is that it is adding a random file called . to the archive even though there is no such file in the directory. This then causes an error when extracting.
The code is as follows

windows_zipname = os.path.join(config['build-folder'], '{}-win-{}'.format(config['game-name'], config['version']))
osx_zipname = os.path.join(config['build-folder'], '{}-osx-{}'.format(config['game-name'], config['version']))

shutil.make_archive(base_name=windows_zipname, format='zip', root_dir=win_folder, verbose=True, logger=logging.getLogger(''))
shutil.make_archive(base_name=osx_zipname, format='zip', root_dir=osx_folder, base_dir="*",verbose=True, logger=logging.getLogger(''))

Thanks for your time.

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Update JSF Component with Primefaces

By user2545722

I know this has been asked many times, but mainly with ajax. I can’t use ajax in my project.

I want to create an event on selectOneMenu A and update selectOneMenu B.

<p:selectOneMenu id="A" binding="#{bean.slmA}" >
    <f:selectItems value="#{bean.itemsA}"/>

<p:selectOneMenu id="B" binding="#{bean.slmB}">
    <f:selectItems value="#{bean.itemsB}"/>

I already used the valueChangeListener with a method that adds elements to itemsB (also onchange =”submit()”) but slmB doesn’t update.

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