Google's Internet-Everywhere via Weather Balloon "Project Loon" May Get Its First Test in the U.S.

By Aaron Miles At a certain point, one begins to wonder when internet access will just be a common ‘thing’ in our American lives, like electricity and access to clean water. (I know not everybody, even in the U.S., has all that, but go with me here.) And large tech companies are doing their best to get us to that point.

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want to at least have the option?

By dagainamax

This is where they completely lost me as I refuse to get caught up in one of those auto-ship programs again. I have had numerous Biocore Trim is other companies that offered this “service” and am less than impressed with the results. Though this company may be more honest I still feel that it’s an unnecessary way to scam people into continuing to pay for your product if it really is a quality and effective product. If I am happy with the results I will order again and again, I don’t think it’s necessary to force me into it. I want to at least have the option of just buying it with a money back guarantee for a

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Two Routers Two Clients P2P

By user93

So I am simulating a P2P model

Client ServerRouter1 ServerRouter2 Server

So client wants to send a message to the server on another socket. To do so it sends a message to the ServerRouter1 on socket 1111 then takes that message and forwards it to ServerRouter2 who is on socket 2222 then forwards it to the server. The server then sends then sends the message back the same way. I am able to connect the client to the serverrouter 1 and server to ServerRouter2 but I dont know how to connect the Routers together so that the messages are able to be forwarded.

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How to align header and body of a table when using JQuery tableScroll?

By Nisman

I made my tables scroll-able using JQuery tableScroll plugin. But it messes up the alignment of header and body. I read a lot about this issue in the web and I have tried a lot of css scenarios, but I still struggling with this problem. My js code is as follow:

function makingTablesScrollable(table){
   var scrollableTable = table;
   var tableLength = scrollableTable.find('tbody tr').length;
   var tableWidth = scrollableTable.width() - 18;
   if(tableLength > 5) {
        width: tableWidth,

and the css part is as below:

      border-spacing: 0;
      width: 590px;
      display: table;
      th, td{
        max-height: 100px;

Can anybody tell me what I need to add to my code to fix this issue? I am really thankful in advance.

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Google Still Changing Search Results Under 'Right to Be Forgotten,' to the Tune of 441,000 Removals

By Aaron Miles Google’s struggle with the “right to be forgotten” in Europe, which has meandered through the European court system and been upheld repeatedly therein, finally has some numerical context as Google updated the publicly available information on the requests they have received.

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Bootstrap Tags Input with Typeahead Predefined item from the list

By Jefferson Setiawan

I have question regarding predefining item on the list in bootstrap tags input.
For example.
var city_list = [‘Sumatra’, ‘Jawa’, ‘Sulawesi’] var city_choosen = [‘Sumatra’]

When the page open, I would like to predefine the input with apple, but in documentation the method .add cause duplication on ‘Sumatra’.
I want to define it from the existing list, not add a new one.

Thank you.

var tagInput = $('#inputCity');
        itemValue: 'id',
        itemText: 'name',
        typeaheadjs: {
            autoselect: true,
            name: 'cities',
            displayKey: 'name',
            source: cities.ttAdapter()

tagInput.tagsinput('add', {"id":  2, 'name': "Sumatra Utara"});

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