Facebook's Latest News Feed Update: Time to Move On?

By Andrew Hutchinson Earlier this week, Facebook updated their News Feed algorithm again, in what many are seeing as the next move towards ‘Facebook Zero’ – i.e. 0% organic reach for pages. Facebook announced three updates – the first is around users who don’t have a lot of content to see. Previously, the algorithm ensured people were not shown multiple posts from the same source in a row – they’ve opted to relax this measure for people who run out of content to view and are seeking more. Nothing major there, the impacts should be minimal.

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8 Social Media Tools – Q1 Report 2015

By Ian Cleary

Locowise Dashboard

How many social media tools are there?


We know this because we get pitched social media tools all the time!

We are adding more and more tools to our tools directory and this is our central resource for all social media tools.

Here are some of the interesting tools we have come across recently:

1. Locowise – Social Media Analytics

Locowise is a social media analytics tool for monitoring campaigns, analyzing results and creating nicely designed reports with ease.

Here are some of its key features:

  • Features Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn. Over 200 metrics. Reports in 17 languages.
  • Nicely presented and easy-to-understand graphs and charts.
  • Create custom dashboards and send reports that include all the metrics you need.
  • Benchmark with other profiles to measure your performance against competitors.
  • See which hashtags are being used where and who’s using them. Get insights on reach and performance.

Here is an example of one of the reports.

Dashboard when you login

Depending on your subscription, you can also get access to Facebook Ad analytics.

Pricing: Starts at $120 per month.

2. MavSocial – Social Media Management

MavSocial is a social media management platform with a particular focus on the visual side of social media.

As well as publishing/scheduling content to all the platforms, you can also store all imagery and videos used within a library.

This is extremely useful and should really be part of every social media management tool.

When you post images on social media, you will generally need to use them again. So it’s important that they are easy to access.

Mavsocial Digital Library

This is your library of images, videos and audio files

Other key areas of functionality:

  • Supports Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Youtube.
  • Supports Chinese social networks – YouKu, Weibo and Renren.
  • Integration with various stock-photography sites where you can search, find and buy images. You can then add them to the repository.
  • RSS support – share and view content from RSS feeds.
  • Campaign functionality supported where you can manage, deliver and report on individual campaigns.
  • Supports automatic uploading of video content to Facebook and Twitter so content is posted there natively.

Pricing: There is a free option, $30 per month, $99 per month and custom pricing for larger organizations.

3. SoTrender – Social Media Analytics

SoTrender is a social media analytics platform for Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

It provides detailed analytics for your accounts and your competitors.

Here’s a useful feature where it recommends certain actions based on your analytics.

SoTrender Tips

Sotrender picks out some tips to improve your account based on their analysis of your data

Key Features

  • Set KPI’s (key performance indicators) and measure performance against this
  • SoTrender interprets the data and gives you practical tips to improve (over 300 data points analyzed)
  • Track and analyze your competitors
  • Workflow management and task assignment
  • Customized email and SMS messages to report on any unusual activity
  • Publish posts directly on SoTrender on Facebook

4. Reachpod – Social Media Management

Reachpod is a social media management platform.

You set up a pod, which is a collection of social networks.

Reachpod POD

Pick the relevant social networks to be part of your pod

You then define the streams that you want to be displayed as part of the ‘pod’.

There are some streams that can be displayed as ‘live streams’, e.g. to monitor tweets including your name.

Reachpod Facebook Stream

Streams of content are displayed in columns

Other functionality:

  • Publishing and scheduling – Supports Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also view and respond to content on Instagram.
  • Monitoring feeds – You can monitor feeds from WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and RSS.
  • Reporting functionality – Create customized reports for the channels supported.
  • Monitoring – Monitor activity based on keywords and set up notifications.
  • Team Work – You can create and assign tasks to different team members.

Pricing: There is a a free plan, a plan starting at $5.99 per user per month and also corporate plans.

5. Atomic Reach – Content Analysis and Improvement

Atomic Reach analyzes your content to help make it more relevant and appealing to your target audience.

When you install the Chrome plugin, you can enable it with the click of a button.

Write your blog content and then get Atomic Reach to analyze and score it.

1. Highlight where the title is in your content

2. Highlight the content

3. Specify the type of audience you are targeting, e.g. knowledgeable, general, specialist, academic or genius.

Now hit ‘Score Now’.

Atomic Reach Scoring

Get your score and then try to improve it!

Once you have your score, you can then try to improve it!

  • Spelling – Any spelling issues will be highlighted so that you can fix them.
  • Grammar – Suggested grammatical changes will be outlined.
  • Title – You are provided with suggestions for improving your title.
  • Body – It will check to make sure your links are valid, paragraph length is reasonable etc.

The standard and relevance of your content is becoming increasingly important as Google wants visitors to your website to have a good user experience.

This means they will stay, reading your content!

If there’s poor grammar, or if content is too technical for your audience, then they are more likely to leave.

Pricing: There is a free package for up to 50 edits a month and one author. For more functionality, you can pay $15 or $30 a month for Atomic Reach.

6. Onlypult – Web-Based Instagram Posting/Scheduling Tool

You may not always be out-and-about when you want to share some images on Instagram.

Instagram currently doesn’t have a scheduling option but some companies, such as Onlypult, have come up with innovative ways around this.

From the desktop app, you can schedule Instagram content for whatever time you like!

Onlypult Scheduling

Select whatever time/day suits

Other features:

  • Adjust the size of the image you want to upload.
  • Specify a filter to apply to the image.
  • Schedule for multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Create default posting times.

Pricing: Prices start at $12 a month, with other packages available for $20 and $39 a month.

7. Around.io

Around.io is a social media management tool that is focussed on online sellers.

It integrates with Etsy, Shopify, Storenvy, BigCartel, Magento, Folksy, Ecwid, Woo Commerce, TicTail and many more e-commerce platforms.

When you connect with your store, the products are automatically fetched and then you can automatically prepare social media updates across Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Sharing Content  on Around.io

Other key features:

  • Set your schedule and automatically share updates throughout the day.
  • Set up a queue of content to be pinned and schedule it out.
  • Post directly to Facebook groups; a queue of content can be set up.
  • Very easy to set up and intuitive to use.
  • Create your social media plan for a whole day in one click using “Day Planner”.

Pricing: Around.io costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year to use.

8. Viraltag

Viraltag is a marketing platform for visual content.

You can connect up various accounts that have images and then you can use them in any status updates you share.

  • Instagram – Use the images you have on Instagram as a library to share more images.
  • Canva – Canva is graphic design for people without graphic design skills. As you build up a library of the images you create in Canva, you can access them within ViralTag.
  • Flickr – Add a feed from Flickr.
  • RSS – Find images through an RSS feed.
  • Web – You can search the web for images and, with the click of a button, add them to posts.
  • Picasa – You can also add images from Picasa.

Here is an example of Instagram pictures retrieved from my account. I really like this feature because I can take any of my older Instagram photos and use them as part of status updates.

ViralTag Instagram

Displaying Instagram Photos

Other functionality:

  • Content discovery – There’s a content-discovery component where you can discover images you may want to share, based on the category you select.
  • Content sharing – Supports sharing to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • Pricing: Some Viraltag functionality is available for free. Other packages with more features cost $29 and $99 a month.
  • Summary


There are so many new tools!

But there’s always a better way of doing things, and tool providers will always try and find better ways.

Have you used any of these tools before?

What do you think of them?

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5 Reasons Why I Refuse to Share Your Blog Post

By Victoria Hoffman My rule for sharing content is simple (in fact, you probably learned it in kindergarten): Sharing is caring. I care about our community, and I want to reflect that in the quality of content that I share with them. To put it bluntly: Curating crap means you think your audience deserves to read crap.

Source: Social Media Today


How Not to Be a Dirty, Rotten Spammer

By Rainmaker.FM

Email is an incredibly effective way to nurture prospects and leads, and pave the path for those folks to make a purchase. But so much marketing email goes horribly, horribly wrong.

If there’s one thing nearly everybody hates, it’s spam. It wastes our time, it insults our intelligence, and sometimes it can even trick or scam us.

But not all spam is created on purpose. Lots of well-meaning businesses are creating ugly, hated spam with their marketing, without intending to at all.

This session of Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer talks about how to create email marketing that your prospects, leads, and customers will actually want to open and read.

In this 22-minute episode, Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer host Sonia Simone talks about:

  • The two definitions of spam, and why you have to avoid both
  • Why spam email sent one at a time is still spam (everyone hates this, don’t do it)
  • The right time and way to make an offer in your email marketing
  • What to do if your list has gone cold
  • What to do if you’re doing everything right and you’re still getting marked as spam

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Confessions of a Pink-Haired Marketer on iTunes

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Rainmaker.FM is the premier digital marketing and sales podcast network. Get on-demand business advice from experts, whenever and wherever you want it.

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How to Avoid the ‘Idea of Entrepreneurship’

By Rainmaker.FM

Today’s guest on Hack the Entrepreneur is a freelancer turned agency owner and entrepreneur. His first introduction to working for himself was doing side-work after hours.

Eventually, he was able to quit his job and freelance full-time. He expanded to a physical office and had 11 full-time, salaried employees with clients all over the world.

Family and health reasons forced him to step away from his brick-and-mortar agency while moving into software and online training.

Now, he makes his living by providing great software and products to freelancers and consultants from his upstairs office, with his wife and two daughters just a room away.

He is currently the founder of Planscope.io, a project management tool built for consultants, and Double Your Freelancing, where he helps 24,000 freelancers every week with his weekly newsletter.

Now, let’s hack …

Brennan Dunn.

In this 41-minute episode of Hack the Entrepreneur, host Jon Nastor and Brennan Dunn discuss:

  • Never falling prey to ambivalence
  • Why you need to keep showing up day after day
  • Why growing your business doesn’t happen overnight
  • Taking his MBA on the spot
  • The one thing that caused Brennan’s biggest business mindset change
  • Are freelancers entrepreneurs?
  • The importance of having a “road map” in business

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Rainmaker.FM is the premier digital marketing and sales podcast network. Get on-demand business advice from experts, whenever and wherever you want it.

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Proof That Grit Is the Only Way to Reach Your Potential

By Rainmaker.FM

In our culture, much is made of natural ability. But natural ability is nothing without grit. In fact, without grit, natural ability can actually be wasted.

Recent science tells us that grit can accurately determine who will graduate from high school or West Point or even win a spelling bee. In other words, grit is an indicator whether or not someone will reach his or her potential.

But what is grit? Where does it come from? Can you develop grit if you don’t have it? And what does this have to do with content marketing?

Fortunately, these are the questions The Lede hosts Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth tackle in this week’s episode of The Lede. Not to mention, there’s a fun Grit Quiz you can take to determine how much grit you have.

In this 34-minute episode of The Lede, you’ll also discover:

  • Why the way you’ve been thinking about talent is all wrong
  • What people who don’t have grit can do to develop it (it’s boring, but works)
  • The daily mindset that sets you up for achieving more of your goals
  • The six-minute, must-watch video on grit
  • The proven secret to staying motivated for the long run
  • One thing grit will never overcome
  • Which host of The Lede has more grit

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The Lede on iTunes

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Rainmaker.FM is the premier digital marketing and sales podcast network. Get on-demand business advice from experts, whenever and wherever you want it.

The post Proof That Grit Is the Only Way to Reach Your Potential appeared first on Copyblogger.

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