Black Friday / Cyber Monday Exclusive Deals on Tools

By Ian Cleary

black Friday deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the busiest shopping days in the US and these can be the days where you can get the best deals possible on products.

This year we reached out to a selection of tool providers and hosting providers and have negotiated some amazing discounts.

These deals will disappear very soon so make sure to take them up quickly.

Siteground – Hosting

We host all our servers with Siteground and the servers are super fast and so is their support!

They are extremely reliable and provide a very competitive price.

They are currently offering deals of up to 70% off hosting so now is the time to sign up.

Click here to check out the deal

Our Blogging Course

Next week we are going to sell our blogging course directly on our website (we normally only sell through webinars) and the prices will be $499. This is an extremely popular course and for Black Friday and Cyber Monday we are offering a special price of $399. When we launch the course for sale on our website it will be $499.

To read more about the course click here

To avail of the discount put in the following code on checkout: BBS2014BF

Tool Discounts

Note: These are tools that we have used and recommend.


We use Optinmonster throughout our site for helping to build email conversion. We get between 3 and 10% conversion rates for different optins we use. We highly recommend it and for this week-end the price is discounted by 35% if you use the following code when you check out: BF2014

Click here to read more about Optinmonster


Agorapulse is a Facebook and Twitter management tool that also has a full suite of easy to set up applications for Facebook (e.g. competition ones). It also has some great analytics.

If you use the code ‘razorsocial’ on checkout you will get 60% off the first 3 months.

Click here to read more about Agorapulse


Antavo provide contest and loyalty software. For example, if you want to run a cool competition on Facebook they have some great apps for doing this.

If you buy the annual premium plan of Antavo you will get a 20% discount if you use this coupon code: RSBF20

Click here to read more about Antavo


Brand24 is our favorite monitoring tool. They are offering 50% off the first 3 months of any subscription. There is no code required just go to their site.

Click here to access the deal


Semrush is a tool I use most days to research competition. Lots of great functionality including the option of viewing what keywords your competitor is ranking on in Google. With the following link you can get completely free access to the full version of SEMRush for 1 month. You absolutely need to sign up for this!!

Click here to get free access to SEMRush


Postplanner is a cool Facebook page management application.

If you use the coupon MASTER30FREE on checkout you’ll get 1 free month of Postplanner master.

Click here to read more


Twtrland is a great tool for Facebook and Twitter analytics and research. Find out the all the key influencers in a particular category, analyze a profile of your followers, research your competitors and much more.

They are offering 50% of their annual premium plan

Click here to read more

Note: on checkout the price will be reduced, no need for a coupon.


Rignite is a social media management tool that has some really great functionality that Hootsuite doesn’t have. Well worth checking out.

With the coupon code below you will get 20% of any subscription. For monthly plans you will get 20% off for 3 months. For the annual plan you get 20% off for the full year.

Coupon code: 2icbf

Click here to read more about Rignite

Thirsty Affiliates

This is affiliate tracking software that we use to manage all our affiliate tracking codes with our tool providers. It works really well and we’ve used it for about a year at this stage. If you have a lot of affiliate relationships you need a tool like this.

Use this coupon during checkout and get 30% off all addons: CRAZYHOLIDAY30

Click here to access Thirsty Affiliates


A lot of deals stop on Monday so if you want to get them you should move quickly. All tools listed are good tools so well worth checking out.

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Music Make Me Lose Control: A Modern Day Music Fan’s Tool Kit

By Cheri Percy

“The times they are a-changin,” Bob Dylan once sang through a nasal drawl. And you only have to look at princess of pop Taylor Swift’s recent spat with streaming service Spotify to see how this has panned out in 2014. So as Swift leaves streaming services standing forlorn at the altar in a bid to take her catalogue back under her own control, is the relationship looking any rosier for tech and music in general?

This post is part of our Web Summit series where we take a look at the emerging trends in technology that are shaping the way we live and work. Sign up to our email list to make sure you don’t miss the next one.

Streaming certainly isn’t going anywhere despite Swift’s noble efforts to remove herself from the playing field. In the UK, about 7.4 billion tracks were streamed on audio services in 2013, twice the total recorded in 2012. And it goes much further than playlists and Best Ofs; Smartphone app Shazam and Spotify went head to head predicting this year’s Grammy Award winners through looking at the global plays of each artist and their tags.

It’s not surprising then that developers are now taking the reins and leading in design, offering up even more innovative ways to use the platforms and their streaming resources. Speaking at Dublin’s Web Summit earlier this month, Spotify and Echo Nest’s Paul Lamere spoke around how, more often than not, developers are looking to build products based on feedback from the industry. And, lucky for us, Lamere had a whole bag full of tricks for everyone to play with.

Here are the top three you should definitely give a whirl:


Infinite Jukebox

It’s finally your turn to step up to the DJ booth at the party and boy, are you ready. Records in tow, you slink through the crowds with a knowing smile. You’ve really honed your track selection this time. Nothing can stop you.

Well, what if you could only prolong elongate that feeling? Keep a room of party-goers pumped to the early hours of the morn with one of your plastic classics? The Infinite Jukebox has the ability to extend your favourite song by dynamically mixing it to create a never-ending track. Not sure how that might work? You can give this Katy Perry track a spin in all its never-ending glory just here.

The credit.jpg

Image Credit:

The Bonhamizer

Drummers might be the butt of a large proportion of rock and roll jibes but there’s no denying that beating the skins out of your kit in a sold-out stadium wouldn’t be something of a thrillride. And you know, sometimes when I’m listening to the more folkloric twang of say Mumford and Sons or the twindie strings of The Postal Service, that’s exactly what I want. A bit more rhythm, a bit more beat, a bit more Bonham.

Thankfully, Lamere unveiled this tool where you can sling in the background beats of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham to any given track and all from the comfort of your own home. No need for sweaty rehearsal spaces or jam packed tour buses here. Bedroom jamming is so 2015.


Girl Talk in a Box

Spoiler alert: This final one is a bit of a time suck. Essentially, Girl Talk in a Box sets you up as the next Mark Ronson, lining up your BPMs and producing personal twists on your favourite tracks. Upload your track and use the controls listed below while a song is playing to take control – speeding it up, slowing it down and skipping beats galore.


  • Mouse click – Start playing from the clicked beat

  • Space – Start and stop playing the song

  • Arrows – Control song cursor velocity

  • w/a/s/d – Move the song cursor

  • ?;’ – Controls the beat period

  • b – Toggle between beats and tatums

  • shift+key – Bookmark a beat

  • [/] – Set loop points

So while some haters gonna hate the streaming platform (we’re looking at you, Swift), Spotify’s clearly got an eye on the evolution of music as we know it, offering up an interactive experience for any level of music maker out there.

Where do you think tech and music come together in a happy medium? And what other hacks would you like to see the team at Spotify pulling together for the New Year? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

Next week we’ll be chatting through The Internet of Things and Tony Fadell’s appearance at the Web Summit. Sign up to our email list to make sure you don’t miss out.

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You’ve Got 24 Hours: Ready, Set, Get Learning

By Will Critchlow

The best things in life are free, right? That’s why we’re excited to be swinging open the doors to our online training platform, DistilledU once more for another worldwide virtual Open Day next Wednesday 3rd December. On this day you’ll be able to access the whole thing for free.

So whether you want to knuckle down on your Technical SEO skills or pick up some pointers on on-page optimisation, DistilledU’s knowledge bytes (ahem) will be ready and waiting for you. And you won’t have to spend a penny.

You’ll also be able to take a look at our latest module on Penalties, Updates and Reinclusions (Tom wrote a post about that one here) as well as tuning into the the extensive video library from our international event series. And to give you an idea of what to expect from the sessions, here’s one of mine to get you started. Just follow this link to access the full talk.

All you need to do to get involved at next Wednesday’s Open Day is sign up for a free demo account in advance over here, and then log in on the day to get full access to the whole lot.

Any questions about the day and how you or your team could get involved? Email and we’ll get back to you.

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Against Attention: The Pre-Thanksgiving Manifesto

By Demian Farnworth

Attention is not a fixed resource. Thank goodness. This means the little guy and gal can rise above the crowded skyline.

Just because Seth Godin has 400 million eyeballs, it doesn’t mean you can’t capture some of those eyeballs, too …

Doesn’t mean you can’t attract some of that interest and loyalty. We all start at the bottom. In obscurity. In the mud. In the dark.

But because of the nature of attention, you too can become a skyscraper. You too could rise out of the dark.

Might not be one of the Manhattan variety. But it’s attention, no less.

Be grateful.

The thing is to not focus on the attention. Focus on the work. The talent you’ve been given.

The best response to this talent is to develop it so that you become the best person with that talent. Don’t worry about the attention it breeds. Just develop the talent.

But that attention is NOT a fixed resource also means it is cheap.

A simple sleight-of-hand today can get you a million eyeballs tomorrow. Next day, darkness again.

Even earned attention is fickle. Those whom you thought loyal get bored, annoyed, or obsessed with something else. Don’t worry. Just focus on the talent, the work …

Because your work is a fixed asset. Like land. And we all know that land naturally rises in value.

Your work will not naturally rise in value, though. It will only increase in value if you invest in your talent.

Remain faithful to that command and in time you will start to earn stock in attention. Rise out of the dark. Like a skyscraper.

Keep in mind that you have no control over how much attention stock you can own. The only thing you have control over is developing your talent.

In the end, be grateful for anything you get. It could be gone tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving.

And let us know what you are thankful for on Google+.

Image by Matthew Wiebe via Unsplash.

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