Social Media Marketing World: 17 Tools to Optimize Your Social Media Performance

By Ian Cleary

ian cleary

Want to make significant improvements to your social media presence to-day?

At the Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego last week I presented to a packed room about a range of tools to optimize social media performance.

It contained a range of really interesting and useful tools to help you target the right people, get better results with your content, convert more traffic and improve results.

Doing my stuff at Social Media Marketing World

Here is a summary of the tools that I covered:

Targeting the right people

Social media is amazing for connecting with new people. You can build relationships with new people every day, however, you need to have a strategic approach.

Without a strategic approach you might end up wasting a lot of time connecting with people that may not benefit your business. We’re in social media for our business, right?

Here are some tools that will help you identify the right people.

1. Find relevant followers using Tacticscloud

Tactics Cloud is a pretty nifty free Twitter search tool. It allows you to build up filtered searches on Twitter and then produce Twitter lists based on the results.

Here is an example of the type of search:

Find people that have “Marketing Manager” or “Marketing Director” in their bio that lives in “New York” that has at least 1,000 followers.

Apply your filters to find the right people

Use Tactics Cloud to target a group of people, add them to a Twitter list and then use Hootsuite to target people on the list.

2. Target Your loyal fans with Leadsocial

Leadsocial is all about finding ways to get a return of your investment in Facebook. One piece of functionality that’s useful for targeting the right people is the list of engaged fans.

Leadsocial picks out the fans on your page that are engaging the most – sharing, commenting and liking.

The people that engage the most are your raving fans and are more likely to buy from you!

3. Find the influencers with LittleBird

Littlebird is an excellent tool for identifying influencers in your niche.

It has a concept of an insider score. The higher the score the more influential that person is within your niche. To get a high score you need to have lots of other influential people following you. If you are influential other people that are influential will interact with you.

This makes sense. Influencers interact with other influencers.

LittleBird Insider Score

Find the insiders!

4. Target the right bloggers with Grouphigh

Grouphigh is a really powerful blogger research tool. It has a very large database of bloggers with powerful search criteria.

Search through the database, identify a short list of bloggers and then analyze each individual blogger.

When you want to analzye a blogger you’ll be able to find their contact details, latest blog posts, social profiles and much more. If you start interacting with this blogger you can record this activity within Grouphigh.

GroupHigh Individual Record

View details and track interactions with each contact

Get Better Results with your Content

We spend so much time producing content we really need to make sure it’s time spent wisely. There are various tools that can help us to product good content and help get better results with the content we produce.

5. Produce Infographics with Piktochart

Infographics can be a great source of links back to your site and can help you rank for competitive terms you might normally have difficulty ranking for.

We recently did an infographic was got over 120 embeds (120 different websites included the infographic on their site) and it helped us rank for a very competitive term.

But you don’t always have to go to great expense to create the infographic. There are some very good low price tools such as Piktochart which allow you to easily build infographics using a pre-defined templates.

6. Find popular content ideas using Topsy

Finding content that is popular in your niche is a great way of finding content to write about. It’s not about copying content but if certain types of content is popular it makes sense to write about similar content.

You might write about the content from a different angle, write a better post or write a more up to date version.

With Topsy you can search through their database and filter content based on keywords that have the most links to it. If content gets a lot of links it’s popular for a reason.

7. Optimize content for sharing on social media

It’s becoming increasingly important to add relevant information for social media channels to your blog content so it’s shared out correctly.

For example, we recently added Twitter picture cards to our content so that when our content is shared on Twitter they can display an image of the post within as the user is browsing. This helps increase the click through rate significantly.

Twitter Cards

Great sized image displayed within

There is other data you can also provide for other social channels such as Facebook.

The first stage of optimizing the content is finding out what is missing from your current content. Use the tool provided by Knowem which will give you a percentage rating and you’ll find out how well optimized your content is.

To resolve the issues you will need to talk with your development team.

8. Find out what you can rank for with Opensite Explorer

Writing content that you can rank for in Google means you will get more traffic to the post on an ongoing basis.

This means you are getting more value from the content you are writing.

But the first stage about optimizing content is understanding how highly your domain / pages on your domain are …read more

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Announcing: A Breakthrough Resource for Your Content Creation

By Sonia Simone

Finally, after years of clumsy, clunky automated tools for “spinning,” scraping, regurgitating, and extruding low-quality content, we’ve found a solution.

This resource produces sharp, smart, audience-engaging content every time. Over time, it even calibrates itself to produce more effective headlines, to tailor content to the precise needs of your audience and customers, and to automatically generate semantically relevant alternative keyword phrases.

We’re calling this resource RealWriter — and if you don’t implement it for your content marketing program, you’re missing out.

RealWriter offers some incredible improvements over earlier content automation solutions.

RealWriter is optimized to create content that audiences care about

RealWriter uses advanced algorithms including RealEmpathy, RealResearch, and RealListening to craft content that actually makes your audience more engaged and helps them develop positive emotional associations with your company.

In fact, regular use of RealWriter can create a 743% lift in your audience’s connection, enjoyment, skin tone, cardiovascular fitness, and satisfaction with life choices. *

RealWriter’s sophisticated technology allows for deployment of stories, metaphors, analogies, and extreme right-brain no-seriously-where-the-heck-did-that-come-from insights.

And all of this is included with the cost of your RealWriter install.

RealWriter is a Google-endorsed resource

Google’s spam team has made it clear — if you’re using anything other than RealWriter to craft your content, you’re doing it wrong.

RealWriter (and especially RealWriter Professional Edition) will make a dramatic improvement in your site’s SEO. It’s so important that RealWriter is recommended by every reputable SEO firm as a resource that you cannot afford to do without.

Clumsy, ugly, badly optimized gibberish is a thing of the past with RealWriter.

In fact, RealWriter will probably be compelled to go back and correct your old horrible content to RealWriter standard — because some of that stuff makes RealWriter really, really twitchy.

Bonus: RealWriter can handle your social accounts, too!

Yes, incredibly enough, for an additional fee, RealWriter can be deployed to manage your company’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or the platform of your choice.

RealWriter even proactively learns new platforms as they become important to your audience.

RealWriter can ensure that your social media accounts reflect well on you, especially when they’re fully optimized with RealBusinessJudgment (premium fees may apply).

RealWriter’s social media functionality seamlessly integrates with your content-creation program — and it’s all built into the algorithm.

RealWriter comes in a virtually endless array of configurations

RealWriter can be deployed to cover literally any field of human endeavor. RealWriter will also let you know when you’ve used the word literally properly.

RealWriter is available in all human languages (plus Klingon), for all topics, and in a virtually endless variety of tones and voices.

RealWriter is optionally available with Humor, Quirkiness, and Snark options. Note that these features occasionally make RealWriter somewhat unstable in a business context. However the benefits are often worth the potential bugs.

We love RealWriter

In fact, every week we create content to help RealWriter work even better.

Now here’s the part where I quit being quite so silly. :)

In the next day or so, we’ll be letting you know about a new program we’ve developed to support and promote really good content writers.

It’s the Copyblogger Content Certification program — to educate real writers (ahem), get them very smart about the underlying strategy that makes for really strong content marketing, hand-review their work, and certify that the best writers are ready to take on your projects and do terrific work for you.

If you’re a writer and you’re interested in becoming certified, you need to join our (free) MyCopyblogger marketing library to hear about it — we’ll be notifying everyone in that group in the next day or two with all the details.

If you haven’t joined us already, take care of that by entering your information here: Register for the Free Library

And if you aren’t using RealWriter today, and you’re seeing junk results from your content marketing program, now you know why. Stay tuned over the next weeks, and you’ll be seeing certified RealWriters, er, real writers, who are ready to produce excellent work for you.

* Note: All statistics have been made up. This installation of RealWriter is sometimes not so hot with real numbers. Your RealWriter may vary.

Wanna talk about RealWriter?

Come chat in the Google+ thread for this post — You can find it here.

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Sonia Simone

Sonia Simone is co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Copyblogger Media. Get more from Sonia on Twitter and .

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Bacon Mouthwash: How to Pull Off an April Fool’s Prank

By Harriet Cummings

This blog comes from Beverley Reinemann, one of Distilled’s own Outreach Specialists.

I know what you’re thinking.

Ok, not really, I’m not that good…


I’ll rephrase.

I know what you’re probably thinking: putting your time, effort and money into creating a marketing campaign centered around a big, fat lie is a waste of time, right? I mean, why would you lie to your customers? Wouldn’t that harm the brand image you’ve worked so hard at maintaining?

Yes, maybe. I mean, flat out lying to potential clients is something I’d pretty much always advise against. After all, you’re a business and you want to do right by your clients.

But there’s one day of the year when it’s actually ok to bend the truth a bit: April Fool’s Day.

Now, we’re not talking about average pranks here. I’m not suggesting you start covering toilet seats with cling wrap or swapping everyone’s sugar for salt because, let’s face it, that’s not going to get your brand effective media coverage.

If you want to showcase your business’s sense of humour and your creative thinking though, here are a few things to consider.

Show customers that you don’t take yourself too seriously

This is the most important factor in your April Fool’s Day marketing campaign. If you’re not willing to let go a little and let the public see that, shock horror, your brand actually has a sense of humour then don’t bother.

A great example of this is Scope who, for April Fool’s Day 2013, announced a brand new product in their line of mouthwashes: bacon flavoured mouthwash. Bacon flavoured mouthwash, people.

Afterwards they thanked their customers for giving them the courage to laugh at themselves and encouraged people to ‘wash away that bacon taste’ with their actual mint mouthwash.

Give away your products for free (just don’t tell anyone you’re going to)

When daily golf deal site launched an origami golf ball in 2011 and saw an 80% increase in email subscribers they decided to recreate this campaign the year after (Insta-course anyone?) and the year after that. The results? An average of 140% increase in site traffic. Not bad for a few jokes, right?

But what about the people who actually bought the products? Simple: Divot rewarded them with an array of golf equipment and accessories, including the prank product – a great way of turning an April Fool’s campaign into a customer acquisition strategy.

Ask yourself if your brand is big enough

There’s a reason why there’s a lot of media hype about big brands’ April Fool’s campaigns every year: we love seeing them doing something different, something silly. They get coverage because they’re huge brands. So before you start thinking of a great prank that will win over even the most cynical of customers, ask yourself whether you have a large enough audience to give it legs.

Use it to promote something

Using humour to promote a real product or initiative around April Fool’s Day is something that Samsung did really well in 2013 when they announced Eco Trees: “a smart, eco-friendly air purifier that runs on solar energy”.

Wait, an eco-friendly air purifier powered by light from the sun that releases oxygen, produces a natural fragrance and is suitable for climbing? Samsung you’re blowing my mind here.

Blowing my mind because it’s so freakin’ obvious that this is a joke.

What wasn’t a joke, though, was the sustainability initiative that Samsung used this joke to promote, mentioning it at the bottom of their announcement and tying it in with Earth Day.

‘Launch’ something that, let’s face it, would be pretty awesome in real life

Three words: glass bottomed plane. Seriously Virgin, I don’t think I’d care about using the holdall underneath the plane to check luggage ever again if I could get a bird’s eye view of the world.

Don’t let it slip

Everyone in your marketing team will hate you forever.

Get a second opinion

There’s a huge difference between what you might think is funny and what clients and the media might think is funny. Get a second opinion from people you trust outside of your organisation and save yourself the embarrassment of having an April Fool’s campaign do more harm than good for your brand.

‘Launch’ something completely bizarre

Remember when Google introduced Google Nose BETA, allowing people “the sharpest olfactory experience available”? It was so bizarre that everyone knew it was just another in their ever-growing list of April Fool’s Day pranks.

That didn’t stop people talking about it though.

Is google nose legit .png

Be prepared

Carrying out an awesome April Fool’s marketing campaign is more than just thinking of an awesome idea and seeing what happens. Like with all successful marketing, you need a well thought out plan which you can integrate across all of your marketing channels.

You’ll need to include your social media team, perhaps build a specific page on your site for your new product. You’ll also need to have a spokesperson ready to give a quote or interview at a moment’s notice.

And definitely don’t forget your PR and outreach team; they’re the ones with access to journalists and bloggers and will be your best chance at getting media coverage.

And if all else fails…

Start a college especially for cats.

Now, over to you, readers. What do you think of April Fool’s Day campaigns? Are they a good idea or recipe for disaster? Tell Beverley in the comments below.

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